Red Chalice Veil & Burse Set

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I have to admit, I sincerely thought about taking this one apart and using the set as a pattern for future units.  I may yet if this set does not sell in a few months.  This old Red Chalice Veil with Burse has seen better days.  It was in the lot I bought that was headed for the landfill.  Perhaps I should have let this one go.  Either way, get two for the price of one.

See below for measurements, condition, and more information.

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I think the distress of this item is fairly obvious.  While the burse is in good repair, the veil has to be blocked (stretched) for it to be usable.  It could be used as is, but it truly needs to be stretched out to be of good fall.  Use a light iron when stretching and leave under tension until cool.  I thought I saw a couple of stains, but it was difficult to tell.

The Veil measures 19 inches by 20.5 inches and has no lining.
The Burse measures 9 inches by 9 inches and has a white interior.

**Please Note** The price is AS-IS This unit has been dry cleaned and is ready for use. NO REFUNDS on this Unit!  Please be sure to ask all pertinent questions BEFORE buying. No other items in the pictures are included – ONLY the item listed will be shipped.

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