Green Chalice Veil w/ Red Velvet Cross

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This is an old Green Chalice Veil with a Red Velvet cross on the front.  It was headed for the landfill, but thanks to a large lot I purchased, it was saved.  This veil still has years of life left in it.

See below for measurements, condition, and more information.

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This item appears to have been ironed with an iron that was too hot and there is some discoloration as a result; however, there are no holes.  It has been dry cleaned and is ready for use.  This item will need to be “blocked” or “stretched” to relieve the fabric tension due to having been washed wrong in the past.  There are also some water stains on this one, but they, too, are difficult to see.

This Veil measures 19.75 inches by 19 inches and has a gold lining on the back side.

**Please Note** The price is AS-IS This unit has been dry cleaned and is ready for use. NO REFUNDS on this Unit!  Please be sure to ask all pertinent questions BEFORE buying. No other items in the pictures are included – ONLY the item listed will be shipped.

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