++RARE++ Purple Cope with Hood


++ RARE ++  This is a unique and one of a kind (~1940’s) purple cope and is fully lined in an off-gold (Mustard yellowish) color.  But what is most unique is that this cope’s back plate is a fully lined hood!  Whether it’s usable as such is another matter, but it does open up as a hood.  The clasp is original to this cope.  This cope has been lovingly restored from a lot that was headed for the landfill.  It is ready for your next celebration.

If this unit does not sell by the end of March 2021, I will disassemble this unit and repurpose the parts.

See below for measurements, condition, and more information.

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This cope is used although you’d be hard-pressed to find much wear (in fact, I could barely find any except for what I repaired on the seams).  There is some light staining around the neck and near the bottom of the cope from normal wear. It will need ironing. The fringe will need to be ironed (it is not missing, just folded up).

From the back, this cope is 54″ long – the mannequin is set up for a person who is 5’11” tall (as a reference).

**Please Note** The price is AS-IS – This unit is sold as USED. This unit has been dry cleaned, but not for stain removal, and it is ready for use. NO REFUNDS on this Unit!  Please be sure to ask all pertinent questions BEFORE buying. No other items in the pictures are included – ONLY the item listed will be shipped.  Shipping is free on this unit.