Black Chalice Veil with gold and black trim

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This is an exquisite new Black Chalice Veil with a black/gold cross trim and cross using the same trim.  I can’t tell if any of these have ever been used – they are in pristine condition.

See below for measurements, condition, and more information.

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This item has never been used and was dry cleaned prior to being bagged. It will need an good ironing prior to use.

This Veil measures 19.5 inches by 20 inches and has a black lining on the back side.

**Please Note** The price is AS-IS This unit has been dry cleaned and is ready for use.  The price is PER ONE (1) unit.  For ALL THREE (3) as individual units (i.e. 35.00 each = $105.00 Total).  If you would like to buy all three, make an offer per unit. NO REFUNDS on this Unit!  Please be sure to ask all pertinent questions BEFORE buying. No other items in the pictures are included – ONLY the item listed will be shipped.  And remember, shipping is free.

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Weight .5 lbs